Tools I’m Thankful For by Laura Moore of A3Supply

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Laura Moore is the Marketing and Customer Relations Manager at All American Automotive Supply.


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As thoughts of roasted turkey and pumpkin pie fill my mind, every fall I start to reflect on the things I’m most thankful for! As someone who has spent some time with a lot of our leading wholesale car supplies at A3Supply, I wanted to share a few favorites on my list that make our jobs better! The automotive industry is hard enough and having the right tools and supplies can make a big difference in your auto shop’s time management and productivity. There is no shortage of wholesale supplies and tools that I’m thankful for so let’s get this Thanksgiving season kicked off with 7 tools I’m thankful for!

1. Wypall X80 Cloths
Standards and cost are of the utmost importance when making decisions on the wholesale supplies for your auto shop. The Wypall X80 cloths are clean, designed to reduce waste, which means you spend less! My favorite feature of these cloths is that they are 100% lint-free so they can be used to clean the engine components without fear of damage! The Wypall cloths guarantee quality, consistency, and will replace the shop towels and cotton rags in your auto shop.
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2. Mandrel Roloc
The next tool I’m thankful for is the 2″ and 3″ Mandrel Roloc system, also known as surface conditioning discs, which are a brillo pad on the end of a disc. This pad has a 1/4-20 INT thread, which allows it to be mounted directly to tools with 1/4-20 INT thread which allows it to be mounted directly to tools with 1/4-20 EXT threaded shafts.
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3. Double Banded Steering Wheel Covers
Repeat customers are something to be thankful for and one way to keep them happy and coming back to your auto shop is by treating their investments with pride! The first step in protecting your customers’ interior is a steering wheel cover (read our interior car protection tips here). The covers protect against germs and grime while being the vehicle is being worked on. The double-banded feature ensures the cover will hold up and stay in place during the entire visit.
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4. Dewalt 20V Cordless Grinder Kit
Give your technicians the brands they can be thankful for! The Dewalt 20V cordless grinder provides high power grinding and cutting with a 7,000 RPM motor. This grinder features the Quick-Change release that allows for changing wheels with no extra tools, which will increase productivity in your shop!
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5. Slip N Grip Steel Rack with Casters
One way to keep a profitable shop is to keep things clean and organized. Our SNG Steel Rack is designed with casters to make moving from one work station to another a breeze. You’ll be thankful you have one to keep your auto shop neat and stocked with the necessary wholesale products to keep things moving seamlessly.
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6. Flexzilla Pro Impact Glove
I’m thankful to use these impact gloves for all of the heavy-duty jobs around the shop! Designed with you in mind these gloves have touch screen technology and offer adjustable wrist closures. Feel confident in any job that will keep your hands protected thanks to its TRP back patching for impact and abrasion-resistant palm patching for added protection.
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7. Cyclo Max Clean Foaming Interior Cleaner
The last item on my list is my favorite degreaser for and dirty job, Cyclo Max Clean Foaming Interior Cleaner. This degreaser is one of my favorite wholesale products because it is useful for your auto shop, boats, and even messes at home! Max Clean has a powerful formula that is tough on all the grease and grime in your shop. It’s easily one of the best auto detailing supplies to have in your shop.
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If you want to hear about our special offers then make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or just give us a call at 833-281-2627. At A3Supply, we have so much to be thankful for this year, have a blessed holiday season!

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