The Best Disposable Seat Covers for Auto Shops

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One of the best ways to guarantee customer satisfaction and have them come back is to keep cars clean. That’s why at All American Automotive Supply, we love using the Slip-N-Grip Disposable Seat Covers! Before we jump into why we think they are the best disposable seat covers on the market, it’s important to go over why disposable seat covers necessary for any auto shop. 

Using vehicle protection, like disposable seat covers, is an effective way to show customers that you operate a clean and sterile business. No matter if you are an auto dealer, auto repair shop, auto repairing service, or providing auto detailing, it’s essential to prevent any difficult or harmful clean up. Furthermore, your technicians can easily move between vehicles and jobs with the right disposable seat covers in place without the risk or worry of damaging the car interiors. 

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Slip-N-Grip disposable seat covers are the best in the auto supply industry and are used and recognized globally. We believe there are 5 reasons why Slip-N-Grip is the best in the market:

  1. The advanced Slip-N-Grip technology guarantees the seat covers stay in place during the entirety of the service. This multi-layered construction is made and patented so the bottom layer sticks onto the seat, and the top allows for easy moveability. The disposable seat covers are designed to cling, cover, and protect!
  2. You are guaranteed quality, durability, and consistency with the Slip-N-Grip disposable seat covers. Slip-N-Grip is part of Petoskey Plastics who are innovators in blown plastic and bags. They have perfected the elasticity and strength needed to create patented coverage that works!
  3. No matter how your auto shop is set up, we sell Slip-N-Grip disposable seat covers in rolls and boxes. Having the feasibility to choose between rolls or boxes makes setting up and replenishing your seat covers fast, easy, and convenient. Depending on what you use, you can use the SNG Steel Rack with Casters to keep your seat covers and other protective coverings organized in one place. The added wheels also make it easy to move around from one station to the next.
  4. The Slip-N-Grip seat covers are disposable and recyclable made through environmentally responsible manufacturing. In addition, the compact packaging contains 40% recycled content and water-based ink, and the boxes are sized to be lighter and space-efficient.  
  5. The best part of disposable seat covers is that they can be used across industries from automotive, medical, construction, and more!

The Slip-N-Grip disposable seat covers are the best in the market with its patented coverage. It’s the easiest way to protect interiors during servicing and keep customers happy and coming back.

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