Auto Shops Guide to Tire Care Essentials

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Tire care and needs is the most popular subject when it comes to the concerns of our clients in the north. Drastic weather changes means tires need to be handled, rotated, and taken care of to ensure the safety and security of our automotive shop clients with customers. After speaking to our most trusted clients from the Midwest and New England, we’ve collected a short list of the most powerful products that you will want to have on hand for all your customers’ tire care needs. Remember, if you’re looking for automotive wholesale supplies–then be sure to set up an account, so we can take care of your business needs. 

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Cyclo Foam Away Tire Care

The Cyclo Foam Away Tire Care is one of the leading products in tire care essentials and one that our sales representatives trust completely. It is a one-step foaming solution that cleans, shines, and protects tires. With just a simple spray on the tire itself, you’ll see bubbles continue to form and pop as it works magic on the tire. The Cyclo Foam Away Tire Care will break down, dissolve, and remove dirt leaving the tires you handle restored to like new. The formula also has the ability to build a barrier against cracking, fading, and discoloration. The best part? There’s no rinsing or wiping required! Just spray on and walk away. 

Black Magic Tire Wet

The Black Magic Tire Wet product delivers the most brilliant shine with one gentle mist. Similar to the product above, all you have to do is spray and walk away. Why we recommend this product in addition to the Cyclo Foam Away Tire Care is because it’s a little bit more dynamic. You can use it a couple of ways including with an applicator to give a matte finish. You also get a bit more precision, if your customer has asked for proper detailing as the applicator allows you to handle where the solution is applied. 

Slip-N-Grip Tire Bags

It’s no surprise that we love Slip-N-Grip products at A3Supply and it’s a household name not only in the automotive industry but in the medical and construction industries too. The tire bags are necessary for northern states as tires are often changed during the transition of seasons. They’re manufactured with the highest-strength protection and come in a variety of sizes. As you prepare for new seasons, make sure to have these Slip-N-Grip Tire Bags in stock as they’re ideal when returning old tires or snow tires for storage. Read more about Slip-N-Grip’s patented product and learn more about the product here.

If you’d like to learn more about our offerings or any additional questions about the wholesale automotive supplies we have available, then please contact us at either or give us a call at +1 833-281-2627 to speak to a sales representative. 

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