How to Clean and Sanitize Cars: Ozium Air Sanitizing Fogger Review

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As important as it is to stock up on brands & products automotive service technicians love this year, sanitation is in high demand and that also extends to vehicle disinfection. Customers are looking for auto shops that go the extra mile by prioritizing safety and health, and technicians can feel safe working in their environment knowing that unlike other chemicals on the market.

Product Spotlight: Ozium Air Sanitizing Fogger Review

Many other products on the market claim to sanitize but Ozium is the only one that actually sanitizes and kills 100 percent of germs and odor-causing bacteria! With a brand new clinically proven formula, Ozium freshens and kills germs in the air in any type of vehicle stopping in for service. Unlike other sanitizers Ozium cleans the air and eliminates unpleasant odors; it doesn’t just mask them. Use the following guide to properly clean and sanitize vehicles using Ozium. One thing your auto service shop can do is add an optional upcharge for post-service sanitation service. You could be bringing in an additional $100 for each customer by implementing the following steps out in the service drive! 

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Want to place an order for Ozium?

Call us at +1 (833) 281-2627 or email us at and we can put together an order started for you! 

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Steps to Clean and Sanitize Cars or Customers Vehicles

Have your technicians follow the steps below to ensure they are properly cleaning and sanitizing customer vehicles:  

  1. The vehicle should be unoccupied 
  2. Remove and vacuum up any odor-causing debris
  3. Using a microfiber towel and interior cleaner wipe up all grime and grease
  4. Start Vehicle 
  5. Set AC fan on high to help Ozium circulate around the vehicle 
  6. Close all the windows 
  7. Point the Ozium nozzle away from you and press the trigger of the fogger
  8. Place the fogger as close to the center of the vehicle as possible
  9. Close all the doors so Ozium can circulate within the vehicle 
  10. Wait 15 minutes for the air fogger to complete the sanitation cycle 
  11. Turn off the vehicle 
  12. Once complete open the doors for 15 minutes 
  13. Grab a new microfiber towel and use glass cleaner on the interior windows for a streak-free finish

Taking the few extra sanitation steps in the service drive is one of the easiest and quickest ways to retain your customers and ensure they come back. Our customers appreciate that Ozium conveniently comes in a case of 24 2oz foggers and it’s ready to go. Learn more on how to protect their investment with these interior car protection tips that will guarantee you customer satisfaction. Send us an email to find out how to get bulk discounts to elevate your shop’s profitability today! 

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