SpillTech Review: Types of Sorbents for Auto Shops

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Spills and accidents are unavoidable, especially in auto shops when technicians are working with a variety of liquids, formulas, and products on customers’ cars. They’re unavoidable, so the best way to deal with them is to have the right sorbents for auto shops on hand that enable you to tackle all types of spills and necessary clean-ups. When it comes to sorbents, it’s necessary to have a variety of types on hand because no two spills will be the same and it will make clean up a breeze, which is key to the safety of customers and technicians on the shop floor. Before diving in, it’s important to note that you need to be able to choose the right types of sorbents for auto shops’ needs. 

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Types of Sorbents for Auto Shops

There are three main types of sorbents that work the best across most auto shops, but that shouldn’t deter automotive shop owners from testing and trying other options as services and products are unique from one auto shop to the next. For each type of sorbent, there are a variety of materials they are made out of, so just keep note of which ones are the best for your automotive shop.


Mats are the most common types of sorbents for auto shops that you’ll see around and being used widely. They come in a variety of materials and thicknesses allowing you to pick and choose the best one for every situation. Many automotive technicians use them as a preventative when doing some liquid-heavy work on a customer’s car. They’re best for fluids like coolants, solvents, oil, and water and can withstand some foot traffic too. Absorbency is high, making them the prime choice for most simple clean-ups you’ll find in automotive shops. Read more about absorbent mats and learn about how to choose the right absorbent mat here


When you’re working with drums, pads are one of the most important types of sorbents for auto shops. They absorb drips quickly from leaking pumps to help keep drum storage areas looking clean, tidy, and manageable. They often have precut bungholes for easy access and installation to the drum. Pads can also be removed and discarded with the pumps and valves installed making them adaptable products within the automotive shop. They’re ideal for universal absorbency of oils, coolants, solvents, and water. 


Universal socks offer a fast and efficient response to large spills and to spills that quickly expand. Like all other types of sorbents for auto shops, they come in a variety of materials and even sizes–so it’s best to know what works best for your auto shop. Universal socks are most commonly used in auto shops, which can soak up more than a gallon (some up to 6 gallons) of oils, coolants, solvents, or water. They’re durable and flexible, making them the primary choice to conform around vehicles, automotive parts, and machines. 


While mats are great for laying down on various surfaces, pillows offer the ability to reach difficult areas like under machines or odd corners and spaces. Most automotive technicians also might miss that they literally pull liquids from the floor like a sock, can catch leaks easily, and absorb spills like any regular pad. They can be thrown onto a large surface spill and the quick absorption process make the rest of the spill situation easy to handle. Pillows, however, are preferred for hard-to-reach areas like cramped corners or leaky hydraulic hoses, but they can be the go-to if pressed for time.

SpillTech Review

Our clients love SpillTech products because they come in a wide variety and kits are the best thing to have on hand for any automotive shop. They’re convenient and the variety in the kit makes it the most economical option for any size automotive shop. SpillTech also has solutions for most industries, a variety of liquids and formulas, and sizes. Get in touch with one of our sales associates either by email or call us at +1 (833) 281-2627 to learn more about the types of sorbents your business needs and what we can put together for you.

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