Types of Disposable Industrial Wipers, Shop Towels, and Rags for your Auto Shop

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Choosing best types of disposable industrial wipers

Disposable industrial wipers are a vital tool in the automotive industry and understanding how each product works is key to choosing the right wiper for the job. Disposable wipers are used in many scenarios such as cleaning up a spill, cleaning tools and parts, hand cleaning, polishing, and more. Use this guide to ensure you’re saving money and time by choosing the right wholesale disposable industrial wipers on the market.

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There are many options when it comes to choosing the right wholesale shop supplies, browse through our wipers and feel free to email a product specialist or give us a call at +1 (833) 281-2627

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Wypall Waterless Hand Wipes 

These 2 sided pre-moistened wipers are saturated with citrus, alcohol-free formula that contains moisturizers so it is easy on your hands but still tough on grime. The textured side is great for scouring grease and dirt while the other side is smooth for gently wiping hands or other surfaces. The Wypall waterless hand wipes are great if you’re looking for your technicians to be able to easily grab to clean their hands, tools, and surfaces when working between tasks and jobs. We suggest always having these in stock because they’re multipurpose.

Wypall X80

Replace your old shop towels with these lint-free, tough, and absorbing wipes. Wypall X80 is unlike other shop towels because they are made with Hydroknit technology, which absorbs faster and more than your basic shop towel. These wipers are proven to absorb 30% more water and oil than the shop towels and are guaranteed not to fall apart on the job or leave any lint behind. The Wypall X80 are great disposable wipers if you’re looking to cut costs and save money because you can easily rinse and reuse these wipers.

Scott Rags In a Box

Scott Rags in a Box are the best disposable industrial wipers for automotive shops because they are an all-purpose absorbent wiper that is made to be used in either dry or wet jobs. The wipers come in a convenient box technicians love because of the built-in handle and pup up rags-makes grabbing a single rag while working much easier. With 1,600 rags per case, these are the perfect wholesale product for the automotive shop. These wipers perform like a cloth and have great absorbent properties like a towel. Making them ideal for jobs like wiping up spills, automotive detailing, polishing, painting, drying, glass cleaning, and many more tough jobs! 

Scrubs in a Bucket

If you’re looking for the most durable wipe dispenser look no further, the Scrubs in a Bucket is a lightweight heavy-duty hand cleaning towel dispenser. The durable bucket contains 72 dual-textured towels with a strong yet gentle formula with a light citrus scent that dissolves grease and dirt while leaving hands clean and hydrated. Specially designed to help you keep clean on the job with the Rough Touch technology these wipers won’t transfer dirt back onto what you’ve cleaned. Also, each wiper backed with an abrasive propylene that gently scrubs hands clean each use. These wipers are perfect for removing grease, dirt, lubricants, epoxy, sealants, and paint. 

Aerospace Grade Wipers

Aerospace has many requirements and these high-performance wipers meet those high standards with their extremely low lint fabric blend that contains no binding chemicals that could damage surfaces. Aerospace Grade wipers are the best on the market due to their snag-resistant design and high absorbency rating. These Wipers are great for MEK, MPK, isopropyl alcohol, and other solvents. 

Viking Microfiber Drying Towel

These towels are specially designed with a Hydro-Wicking pattern that increases the surface area of tons absorbing Micro-fingers that use revolutionary action to speed up the dry time and leave a streak-free finish! The soft satin finish edge and the towel are 100% scratch-proof and absorb more than a regular cotton shop rag. Check out the best auto detailing supplies to buy wholesale more information about these wipers and more detailing products for your shop!

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