The Best Auto Body Shop Products For Collision Centers

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The Auto Body Shop Products Every Collision Center Needs

Making sure the tools and equipment out in the auto body shop are not only tough enough for the jobs but are also trusted brands that your technicians trust is the best way to ensure you’re running the most successful and productive collision repair center. Below we put together a list of our favorite collision repair and auto body shop products to help you get the job done right the first time! These are the best wholesale auto body shop products every collision center needs.

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Customize Your Order & Get The Best Rates

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3M Green Scotch Masking Tape

There are many reasons why technicians like using 3M masking tape over other tapes on the market, not only is it a high-performance tape but it is also temperature resistant up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to other masking tapes, 3M Green Scotch Tape is designed to exceed the needs of today’s collision repair shops by featuring better UV resistance, hugs curves, and contours providing outstanding lines every time. The 3M Green Scotch Masking Tape goes on quickly, sticks at a touch and stays put. 

3M Stikit Gold

3M Stickit is an absolute favorite in the auto body shop because unlike other sanding discs the Stickit features an adhesive back that easily tears off without leaving any residue behind. Technicians love that the Stickit sanding discs provide an aggressively fast cut that won’t clog with dust or debris as other sanding discs can. These 3M sanding discs are a body shop must for shaping plaster, primer sanding, and scratch refinement. 

3M 6” Red Hookit

3M’s reliable, durable, and economical abrasive discs provide trusted results and keep costs down in the body shop. Aluminum oxide abrasives are technician-approved because of the product’s long life and fast cut-rate for color sanding, paint finishing, and panel blend prep with a consistent finish. Buy the 3M 6″ Red Hookit here for your collision center!

Bondo Plastic Spreaders

Bondo Plastic Spreaders are unlike any other putty knife or tool you might use in the body shop. The Bondo Spreader is specially designed for automotive aftermarket applications. This kit comes with 3 different size spreaders ensuring you have the right spreader for any job. The durable plastic is strong yet flexible enough to give you the leverage you need to work effortlessly. Bondo Spreaders can be cleaned with a quick wipe down with acetone and can be reused saving time and money after use. 

Trimaco Premium Masking Film

Trimaco Premium Masking Film is mostly used in surface protection and it’s the best auto body shop product for collision repair centers because not only is it lightweight and durable, but it also clings to and protects most surfaces making work in the body shop quicker, easier, and cleaner. Prevent overspray, paint drips, and dust from reaching your hard work in the collision center by making sure you provide your technicians with the best products on the market starting with the Trimaco Premium Masking Film.

Black Mamba Cut Gloves Level 5

Using cut gloves in the body shop is a great way to stay safe while getting the job done without jeopardizing comfort or your grip. Made from Ultra-High-Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber which is 15 times stronger than steel makes these the most superior cut gloves on the market right now. These Black Mamba Cut gloves level 5 are great for handling glass, handling sharp metal parts, assembly, and so much more. 

3M Attachment Tape

3M attachment tape is another 3M must-have in an auto body shop. It is a high performing black acrylic foam tape. One reason this is such a great tool for the body shop is that it is designed specifically for auto care and maintenance and unlike mechanical fasteners, attachment tape does not require drilling, which can result in corrosion and rust. We have more information about wholesale products you need for auto care solutions here.

Finding the right wholesale collision center products or anything else for your auto body shop at the right prices can be a whole job in itself, let the knowledgeable associates at All American Automotive Supply take the guesswork out for you. Feel free to contact us to customize an order of the best auto body shop products for your collision center and help your shop run more efficiently, increase profitability, and get the brands your technicians can trust.

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