SAFEGUARD 22 Ton Air/Hydraulic Truck Axle Jack

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Sunex 22 Ton Capacity at 100 PSI Air/Hydraulic Truck Jack
– Narrow chassis design fits easily between tandem wheels.
– Chassis base is contoured so wheels make contact with ground when jack is
not under load and raises them off the ground when under load to prevent damage.
– 8 in. diameter pneumatic wheels make maneuverability easy.
– Wiper seals protect hydraulic system from contaminants.
– Overload and bypass safety valves prevent the jack from being used beyond its
rated capacity and ram over extension.
– Self-retracting ram
– Lever ton “T” handle locks it in any one of three different positions.
– Release knob on top of handle operates independently of handle locking lever.
– Integrated filter protects air motor.
– Four adaptors (1.875 and 2.625 in. diameter saddles, 2 and 4 in. extension adaptors)
with handle mounted saddle holder included.

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Weight 100 lbs


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