BONDO Tack Cloth, 48pack

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Wipe Away Dust Particles
Bondo Tack Cloth helps to remove loose sand dust and trash particles from surfaces before priming and paint application. A light tack on the smooth cloth surface lets technicians remove dust, lint and dirt with only a light application. This cloth gives you a clean surface that will enhance the quality of the paint job.
You can hardly see dust particles before painting, but they really show up after painting. That’s why you want to use the Bondo Tack Cloth to take off final dust on the car right before you paint. In fact, it is always advisable to wipe down a car in between coats of every base coat. This tack cloth is an automotive-grade cloth containing a tack substance designed to remove fine particles of dust, lint and dirt that could diminish the quality of painted surfaces. The cloth is made to actually pick up tiny particles rather than just move them around.

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