BAYCO 120 Led Under-Hood Work Light

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Bayco’s Slr-2120 1,200/650 Lumens 2-Mode LED Rechargeable Under Hood Work Light is an all Led, hands-free floodlight. This rechargeable work light has an adjustable cradle with a pair of spring-loaded, foam-covered grippers that will extend 48 in. to 77 in. to attach to a large variety of surfaces including the underside of most automobile hoods. The light bar can then be rotated 360 degrees to place the lighting exactly where it is needed. The 2120 has two brightness modes: Full-power (1,200 Lumens) and Half-power (650 Lumens). The dual on/off buttons, one located on each of the two handles, operate in tandem with each other. One press of either button turns the light on in Full-power Mode, a second press and you’re in Half-power Mode and then a third press, turns the light off. The light bar can easily be removed from the cradle. Each of the handles can independently rotate up or down through more than 200 degrees range of motion. The flat surface at the end of each handle can serve as a stand for the light bar. Additionally, there are 3 flush-mounted magnets located in the end of each handle. This allows one or both ends of the light bar to be attached to virtually any flat metal surface. Each handle also has an integrated recessed hook that can swivel 360 degrees making it possible to hang the light bar up. The included AC & DC Power Supplies/Chargers can be used to power the 2120 during use and/or as a way to recharge the unit when it is not in use. Requiring only 6 hours to charge, the Slr-2120 will run for 4.5 hours in Full-power Mode, and 8.5 hours when operating in Half-power Mode. All LED construction. Two brightness modes (full-power & half-power) deliver 1,200 and 650 Lumens, respectively. Dual spring-loaded grippers with 48 in. to 77 in. capacity built into the cradle. Light bar can be rotated 360 degrees in the cradle or removed altogether. Light bar handles have 3 magnets each and an integrated hook for added hands-free functionality. Light bar handles rotate up and down through more than 200 degrees of range. Dual on/off buttons, one located in each handle operate in tandem. Integrated rechargeable Lithium-ion battery – no recharge memory effect. Includes AC & DC power supplies/chargers. Includes: 1,200/650 Lumens 2-Mode LED Rechargeable Under Hood Work Light – Slr-2120, Light Bar Cradle, Ac/dc Power Supplies/Chargers

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