3M Bondo Glaze-Spot Putty, 4.5 oz, 12pack

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3M Bondo glaze comes in green and is packaged 4.5 oz per inner, 12 per case. Can be used with metal. Cure time should always be considered on any application or project. Once applied, this product requires a 30 min cure time before it is fully set and provides maximum strength.
Brand: 3M
Trade Name: Bondo
3M Number: 00907
Industry: Automotive
Product Type: Glaze
Material Compatibility: Metal
Color: Green
Product Form: Paste
Package Type: Tube
Package Size: 4.5 oz
Cure Time: 30 min
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): 30.2 %
Storage Condition: Do Not Store Containers On Their Sides; Store Away From Acids and Oxidizing Agents; Store Away From Food and Pharmaceuticals; Store in a Cool, Dark, Well-Ventilated Area
Package Quantity: 4.5 oz per inner, 6 per case

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