New Years Car Resolutions and Auto Care Solutions

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Auto Care Solutions, Made Easy!

We all know the new year is the perfect time to make improvements from the previous year, this year make quality products a top priority. When choosing automotive care products, quality matters, give your customers and technicians a sense of relief this new year by giving them the brands they trust! Caring for your customers’ vehicles the right way will ensure they keep coming back to your automotive shop for their automotive care needs. Below are some of my favorite automotive care products that are top of the line and will get the job done right the 1st time saving your shop time and money.

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Customize Your Order & Get The Best Rates

Give us a call at +1 (833) 281-2627 or email us at and we’ll put your in touch with one of our sales associates!

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CYCLO Windshield Washer Solvent with AntiFreeze

Ensuring the windshield is clean is an imperative step in auto care solutions, this all-season product works great as a winter antifreeze and summer cleaner. Featuring a 100% concentrated formula, you may make your custom blend solvent to match ever-changing weather conditions. Read more about why the CYCLO Windshield Washer Solvent with Anti-Freeze is necessary for your auto shops in the winter. 

PHILIPS H11 Halogen Bulb

A3Supply’s favorite auto care solutions to ensure your customer is getting the best view is to make sure you add Phillips Halogen, completely street legal bulbs. The H11 Halogen is one of the best auto care solutions featuring a long life, easy installation, improved safety at night, and high brightness to make driving safer and more comfortable. Always replace both bulbs at the same time to ensure symmetric lighting, simply insert to replace the original bulb. 

3M Headlight Lens Restoration Kit

New year, new headlights? This year and give your customer’s vehicle that like-new look again with a 4 simple step restoration kit. Compared to other restoration kits the 3M kit is an all-inclusive restoration kit that comes with everything you will need to get the job done except for a microfiber towel and drill. To make things easier on you the kit comes with a step-by-step guide and tips.


Winter can still be a time to let your customers’ tires shine, Black Magic Tire Wet is one of the ideal auto care solutions as it’s specially formulated to deliver the most brilliant shine on the market. You only need one spray and tires will have that long-lasting, glossy look your customers are looking for and your technicians will enjoy using. Simply spray and let dry, no wiping is needed.

NO7 Clearcoat Polishing Compound

Remove any traces of last year still lingering on the exterior of cars, trucks, any vehicle that ends up in your garage, and restore the appearance with this great clear coat. Give your technicians this easy to use, all in one formula, that is the toughest on grime, stains, eliminate minor scratches and oxidation for a smooth as glass finish.

These products are all a great way to upgrade your shop’s performance and boost profitability. The new year is all about making improvements and when you use the best products on the market for your auto care solutions, it will give you fewer headaches, happier technicians, and a more profitable shop. 

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