Brands & Products Automotive Service Technicians Love

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The Automotive Service Technicians Have Spoken!

The service drive is the heartbeat of all dealerships and one way to ensure your auto shop is optimally performing is to give your technicians the supplies and brands they know and love. We asked our customers and auto shop owners what quality name brand tools and supplies their automotive service technicians prefer and we’ve got the surveys back with a price point to make everyone happy! We’ve put together a shortlist of the best wholesale auto supplies technicians love because it makes their job easier and efficient. 

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What Do Your Technicians Prefer?

Call us at +1 (833) 281-2627 or email us at and we can put together an order started for you! 

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Scrubs In A Bucket

These days keeping things clean is a big priority in auto shops and one way to keep your technicians’ hands, tools, and station free of dirt is to supply their work stations with Scrubs In A Bucket pre-moistened hand towels. What makes these wipes different from other leading brands on the market is the conditioning citrus formula designed to loosen and dissolve industrial solids while keeping hands free from irritation and dryness. Automotive service technicians especially appreciate the dual texture design combined with the advanced cleaning formula that will thoroughly clean surfaces anywhere, anytime, anyplace. 

Spill Tech 95 Gallon Kit

One issue automotive service technicians run into in an auto shop is spillage and while it isn’t much you can do to avoid spills, there is a lot you can do to address such an accident. These spill kits are top of the line and packed with quality products to help you clean up fast and comply with shop regulations. The sorbents to handle oil, coolant, solvents, or water spills are all inside this convenient kit. Learn more about how to choose the right wholesale absorbents for your auto shop here!

Slip N Grip Rack with Casters

Auto shop organization is the key to success and one way to keep the shop organized is to keep your product up and out of the way. Stop wasting time walking across the shop searching for the products you need and keep them right within reach on this mobile dispensing rack. This rack features casters to easily move from station to station and will hold large quantities of seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel covers, tire bags, and parts bags. Shop the Slip N Grip rack here!

Cyclo Brake and Parts Clean 55 Gallon

Professional strength cleaner that beats out the competition in cleaning ability and strength! Automotive service technicians recognize the difference in this formula immediately due to the superior cleaning power & quick evaporation time, leaving no residue or mess to clean up. One can blast away all 4 breaks without disassembling the brake unit. Never worry about your auto shop running out of brake clean with this convenient 55-gallon drum! Pair with the Milwaukee Sure Shot and save up to 50% cost from traditional cans sent in cases. Also, use the barrel pump for easy access and refilling.  

If there is one thing we appreciate at All American Automotive Supply, it’s our automotive service technicians. Make sure your technicians are happy and safe working with the products you stock. Their preferred products can not only get the job done faster but also more efficiently! 

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