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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Nitrile Gloves


Nitrile gloves have taken over latex gloves in popularity and we’re not surprised. Disposable nitrile gloves are made of man-made synthetic rubber that is superior in durability and protection when compared to your standard latex gloves. They are essentially the answer to every problem we had with the latex glove. There are plenty of reasons why nitrile gloves are better than latex gloves and why they are the glove of choice when it comes to shop supplies. Here are 7 reasons why you should buy nitrile gloves with a list of some of our favorite ones!

Latex Free

Nitrile gloves are made of a synthetic co-polymer that goes through an extra layer of processing to remove all latex proteins. That extra layer of processing not only created a more versatile and sturdy material but also significantly decreased the allergy rate to the material making it a preferred choice for all shop owners. 

Puncture Resistant

If you are looking for gloves that have durability, then nitrile gloves are the best in the market as most are puncture resistant. They are often referred to as medical-grade because they undergo numerous tests conducted by the Food and Drug Administration to ensure they meet the standard. This great feature makes the gloves an amazing option for any industry or shop.

Best Protection

Did you know nitrile gloves come in Orange and Black to help identify punctures in the glove? Safety is key for any shop owner! They will give you better chemical and water resistance than any other glove on the market, which is why we think you should buy nitrile gloves if you work in the auto industry or any industry for that matter. 

Pro Tip: to achieve maximum protection, wear your nitrile gloves under any ordinary work gloves! Shop nitrile gloves here!

Long Shelf Life

Unlike latex gloves, we think you should buy nitrile gloves because of their long shelf life. While most manufacturers won’t guarantee it, nitrile gloves can last up to 10 years pack in proper condition. Even though they can handle extreme conditions we think these tips are important to ensure your disposable gloves last long:

  • Store in a cool dark space away from any direct UV light. 
  • Don’t break the seal of the glove packaging until you are ready to use it.
  • Keep your gloves away from radiators and steam pipes. 

Nitrile Gloves Fitting & Grip

When it comes to fitting, they are the leaders compared to all other disposable gloves fitting. They should be snug on your hand with the ability to move around freely, almost like a second skin! If you’ve been using latex gloves, you will immediately see the difference with improved dexterity and gripping capabilities!

Greater Touch Sensitivity

We definitely think you should buy nitrile gloves for a glove with a high level of tactile sensitivity. This is because the material formulation allows for a better fit, a softer grip, and ultimately less compression. You will see a major difference in feel and fit. 

Wear for Extended Periods

Nitrile gloves are a puncture resistance formula with a low permeation rate and waterproof. These are key features in a quality long-wearing glove! Since you’re able to wear them for long periods of time, we believe you should buy them because they are overall a better investment compared to any type of disposable glove on the market!